Pokemon Volcano Beta 1

How to Download?
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When you choose a file hosting and click DOWNLOAD. It doesn't have any shortener link in 2023. I stop pkmnerlink project and I don't use any third-party shortener website now. Just bypass pop-ads in this download page, choose one of all file hosting I provided, click Download and Download.
We are using 1fichier, ddownload, upload-4ever and qiwi file hosting now. We highly recommend you download via 1fichier if you have a pro account. Ddownload, upload-4ever, and qiwi are still good but it's free so it has too many pop-ups and you must bypass it by yourself and maybe at a slow speed.
Why do you use Google Drive, Mega or Mediafire?
Some games have it and I'm still using it. But I can't use it to store all games here because DCMA reports and if my account is banned or shut down.
No one help me. It's true. I'm still alone over 10 years to give you good experience but now, I can't monetize or make more money via this page and no donate to any one.
I hope you can know my problems. Removing shortener website is the good way I can do to give you a good experience because I read some guys can't download via third-party shortener website.
Contact me if some links are dead at [email protected]

Hace varios años, en la región de Sinnoh, el Equipo Galaxia, al intentar crear un nuevo universo, robo la piedra magma,

Heatran, enfadado por el robo de su piedra sagrada, les persiguió por toda la región hasta encontrarlos.
Allí les dio caza, y poseído por la furia, creó un poderoso volcán que desfiguró la región entera, causo una gran erupción

You Should Download all part before you extract!
Install latest WinRAR or 7-Zip and or your archiver, this is important! old Winrar can’t extract new packages.
Then right click the game and click “Extract to Name of game”.
Then right click the first part only and click “Extract to name of parts”. That will extract the whole package. You don’t need to do anything with the other parts.
This game is compressed by Winrar. You should use Winrar or a similar app (ZArchiver) can extract rar file.


Click the first button below or try one of the alternate mirror links.
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zippyshare- It will die if on one download it a long time:
Primary Download(8.1MB – Not Ads – zippyshare)

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Primary Download (8.1MB – Not Ads – mshare)

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Primary Download (8.1MB – Ads – mshare)

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Primary Download (8.1MB – Ads – mshare)

[geo_target_content showhide=”show” countries=”US,GB,CA” message=””]Google Drive: With this link, You must Click “you are not robot” and wait for 5s with 1 ads and 1 Pop Ad. And you can download with Google Drive! Good Luck!
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Primary Download(8.1MB – Not Ads – openload)

1. How to Download? If a game is split in parts, you need download them all. every host is different but i’ll show youthe ones i use the most: Mega, Google Drive or Mediafire! in many cases, you will be taken to adfly site – shorten link – we use this to pay for server fees and protects from Attacks – DDOS. All you have to do there is wait 5 secounds and click “SKIP ADS” if another tab opens you close it! 2. How to extract Game or Parts? Big Games are splip in smaller parts and compress into a file! Some files are compress with Winrar, programs can extract mayn formant such as: .rar/.7/.001/.002/…etc – provided they are updated to the latest version. USING WINRAR: 1. Download Games on Pokemoner.com 2. Install latest WinRAR or 7-Zip, this is important! old Winrar can’t extract new packages. 3. Then right click the game and click “Extract to Name of game”. FAQ 4. Then right click trhe first part only and click “Extract to name of parts”. That will extract the whole package. You don’t need to do anything

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